Oncology Consults

  • updated: 10/7/2021

New ONCOLOGY & MALIGNANT HEMATOLOGY consults: either group, MNO or AHCI


All GYN-ONC consults: MNO

ESTABLISHED MNO or AHCI patients of any type (hematology OR oncology): Consult respective service. MNO patients will see the on-call MNO provider while in-patient, same for AHCI.

ESTABLISHED patients of any type (hematology OR oncology) outside of our system (eg, Mayo, Health Partners, HCMC). Consult either group, MNO or AHCI

  • AHCI Physicians at ANW
    • Dr. Christian Squillante
    • Dr. Amy Krie
    • Dr. Neel Trivedi
    • Dr. Nick Torgerson
    • Dr. Fiona He
    • Dr. Justin Harder