Doctor of Night – COVID surge

In the event that the ANW DON is experiencing overwhelming transfer call requests, the administrator on call can call the Access Center’s lead RN (612-863-9258) and communicate that all transfer request calls should go to the med back up listed in amion. The admin on call or ANW DON should communicate when the transfer requests can go back to the DON.    Intent is to stop phone paralysis and free up DON to see patients. Back up will get paid the hourly wage.  

The Administrative Nursing Supervisor (ANS) will message the DON at around 7 pm and 11 pm with information on our color status and # of available beds in all areas to help predict/plan the workflow for the night.   The DOD may also receive messages with color status changes.  

Mark Miller et al developed a dashboard called “Inpatient Provider Capacity Management,” which you all have access to in EPIC.    It is designed to assist the DON and lists anticipated post ops, transfers, bed availability.   It is a work in progress but an excellent and much needed start at trying to figure out night time flow.   

Amber Paddock email (11/12/2020)