Mask Stations

Dear Leaders: There are three stations that will provide masks to employees. If you do not have a mask please go to one of these stations. Ongoing these will Employees can go to these locations for exchanges.  Please see locations below. Thank you!

Station #1: Procedural Dispensing (Surgical Services, Endo, CV OR/Procedural, PEI, Radiology)
Location: Lower Level –Basement (MAIN OR CONTROL DESK)

Station #2: N95 – COVID units, Security, ED and ICU units  (Fit Testing for new people will be on W6316)
Location: Lower Level West Elevator Lobby

Station #3: All Patient Facing Employees (Ear loop, surgical masks)
Location: 2nd Floor Heart Hospital Skyway Information Desk

Patient Facing: Any staff member who provides direct or indirect patient care

Direct  Patient Care: Has direct contact with patients and is providing face-to-face care, training, and supervision, counseling, consultation, or medication assistance to persons served by the program (e.g. nurses, social worker, etc. )

Indirect Patient Care: Has direct contact with patients and is not providing direct patient care (e.g. dietary aid, environment services, etc.)

Tonya R. Montesinos, MS, BS, RN-BC, NE-BC, PHN
Director of Nursing Professional Practice & Magnet Coord. • Abbott Northwestern Hospital, part of Allina Health