OBS unit

Rounding on H8000 / working with fully trained APPs (updated 6/2022)

  • No need to see or co-sign APP patients/ notes
  • Assume care of any observation patients that become inpatient (this could happen the next day if they are stable and already seen by the APP)
  • If a patient is made inpatient (by EHR) the day of discharge – the physician needs to see the patient, co-sign the dc note, and bill
  • Be available for any clinical questions the APPs may have

Here are notable changes. (updated 9/2020)
1. Obs unit rounder starts the day with 6 patients. (you can ask for more)

2. Obs unit rounder can get up to 2 new obs admits per day. (you can ask for more)

3. Discharge huddle on the Obs unit start at 9:15. Meet by the main nurses station by H8020s.

4. Discharge huddle participants include floor nurse, charge nurse, SW, +/- PT

5. DC huddle starts numerically by room number. 

6. On pager 8a-5p.

7. Last piece of business at 4p

8. Everyone rotates through obs unit

9. No stipend

We have Hospitalist work areas in the Heart hospital!
Hospitalists have dedicated rooms on H8000. They are rooms H8017 and H8071. Both are smaller office space. Paul Hinz is working on getting them furnished. They are not usable yet. Rooms are meant for obs rounders, but if rooms aren’t at capacity then Heart hospital rounders should also use this space.

Obs OrdersetsObs general orderset is live. Use this orderset on all obs admissions regardless of whether they are going to obs unit or to other areas of the hospital. This is a 2020 Care Initiative measure.

Supplemental ordersets are live. Obs general and Obs SUP ordersets were designed to work together. Add the Obs general and SUP ordersets to your favorites.

OBS SUP Abdominal pain [62720]
OBS SUP Back pain  [62713]
OBS SUP Chest Pain [31348]‚Äč
OBS SUP Diarrhea [30933]
OBS SUP Renal colic [62701]
OBS SUP Syncope [62708]
OBS SUP TIA [62715]