Sanford Guide via Allina License


Quick version:

  • Allina Health’s antimicrobial stewardship guidelines are now available through our existing Sanford Guide license. Easily access the Allina COVID guide, inpatient and outpatient antimicrobial guides, antibiograms, and more!
  • Register your email for the free Sanford Guide Mobile App here (must be onsite when registering). Then download app from apple/google stores and sign in. Web-version still accessible without sign-in from any Allina network. Easily access through web links in EPIC beginning next week. 
  • Please consider completing this short (~1 min) 3-part survey for resident research planned for publication to learn about provider access to antimicrobial stewardship resources at Allina before and after the implementation of Sanford Stewardship Assist.

Full version:
Allina Health’s antimicrobial stewardship guidelines now available to all Allina Health employees through our Sanford Guide license. You can access the resource:

Providers may find these resources available via app and through the web particularly useful:

  • Allina COVID-19 Guide
  • Allina-specific antimicrobial guides
  • Antibiograms
  • ​Original Sanford Guide content 

All of these resources will still remain available through the AKN as well for the time being.  

Screenshot of Allina Specific Antibiogram integrated to Sanford Guide

A tutorial on how to use the app may be found at
For technical assistance, please contact Sanford Guide directly:
+1-540-987-9480 (M-F, 9-5 Eastern) (anticipate reply within 24 hours)

Lexi Thumann, PharmD
PGY-2 Infectious Diseases Pharmacy Resident 
Abbott Northwestern Hospital, part of Allina Health | 612-863-4546