OB-Gyn Contacts

Hi everyone,

In an effort to improve communication with OB providers, we have made some changes to the anwpaging website.  The OB providers really like to know what is going on with their patients.  If you share a patient, or admit their patient from the ER, please make sure to call them.

How do I know who is the on call OB provider? Great question.  It’s tricky.

  1. If it’s during the day time and the provider has written a note already today, then page them directly via [anwpaging].   
  1. If it’s after hours (after 4 PM or so), look up which group the provider is with and call their group. [LIST — click here – or on anwpaging.com, lower left hand corner]

Please let me know if you have any questions/comments/complaints. 
Sarah Prebil (email on 10/30/2017; updated 12/20/2017)